What are Cotton Wicks

What is a Cotton Wick?

Wondering What is a Cotton Wick

A Cotton wick is made with braided strands of cotton, dipped and cured in wax. Cotton wicks are a lot more common than wood wicks because they work well with all types of wax, and it is easy to light and relight the wick. Standard cotton wicks should typically be trimmed to 1/4” before burning.

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Most cotton wicks are traditionally dipped in lead to create a better throw and straighter wick. Oftentimes, cotton wicks are pre-coated with synthetic wax or beeswax to help them burn while maintaining their shape and quality. 🕯🔥This can be harmful to the environment, as the types of wax they’re being soaked in, give off harmful toxins when burning. 💀☠If you can, please use a more sustainable option like Alena’s wooden wick candles!


What are Cotton Wicks

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